Community Partnerships

Why would we bring a well known, respectable female role model together with a healthcare company? Because Carli Lloyd’s story was this brand’s story and the story of so many other women navigating their care. This partnership focused on authentic content and relied heavily on both brands, Baylor and Carli to believe in the same outcome, empowering the local community to take control of their health. Overall, the partnership drove brand awareness and increased volume and revenue proving that consumers want authenticity.

Negotiating this partnership included finding communication tactics that allowed for the true, authentic voice to be heard while still using tactics that appealed to the target audience. Tactics included blog posts, social media, onsite activation and a local community partnership all driving awareness for services offered.

The goal for this partnership was to drive awareness of services. Within the nine month campaign, awareness increased 3% ultimately driving volume.

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Onsite at Houston’s Komen Race for the Cure. Carli Lloyd celebrated milestones with breast cancer survivors, patients and support systems.
Carli Lloyd speaking to local media at Houston’s Komen Race for the Cure