Authentic Content for Consumers

Choice factors differ among products, services and brands. You might need brand awareness, service or product awareness or direct sales which could be incentivized with price, convenience or a host of other factors. For brands that can’t rely solely on direct sales or brands that need to find a new way to connect with consumers, authentic content and community partnerships is often the way to go.

For this brand, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina, the consumer was identified and the strategy to empower this consumer with tools and resources to make her healthcare journey easier was set. To share this message, we partnered with Mia Hamm, one of the greatest athletes of all time because she also cared about empowering women. The value here was not only using a trusted voice to share your message, but also implementing tactics that allowed for authentic conversation.

We planned a Women’s Executive Day, inviting female executives from the community to hear Mia Hamm speak and hear from a panel of other women faced with the same professional and personal challenges. Mia and the panel shared insights on how to juggle a work life balance, how to talk about pay increases at work and lessons learned from raising children. The end result was not direct sales, but real conversation with our main audience resulting in increased trust for the brand. This type of trust is invaluable because it drives brand loyalty which turns into longterm sales.